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Our Family and Community Services

From early 2017 the Belle Vue Centre provides a wealth of information and confidential assistance for families at any stage of their lives.

Whether you are going through separation, starting a relationship, want to make your relationship stronger, or having relationship difficulties, Belle Vue can help.

The Centre will offer independent, confidential services in a welcoming, safe and secure environment.

We offer a secure family themed room with free internet access to help you find more information online. Many of the services are offered internally by the Belle Vue Centre, while some are supported by our partners.

Through seeking to make Hartlepool a place where relationships are stronger, Belle Vue aims to provide services for children and families to have opportunities to make the most of their life chances and be supported to be safe in their homes and communities.

By providing information or referring you to services in your area that can help. Belle Vue supports the Healthy Relationship Partnership and provides a free programme that supports couples and co-parents to help strengthen relationships and deal with relationship difficulties.

Helping parents strengthen their relationship with benefits for the whole family.

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