Belle Vue Community Sports & Youth Centre

Nursery Facility

We have a wide range of facilities available for your day care needs.

Little Movers

Once a week our baby/toddler room and the preschool room will take part in little exercise sessions with the Belle Vue Centres very own fitness trainer Sam. This is a fun way for getting the children moving and being active, incorporating the curriculum whilst having fun. Little Movers is just one of the additional free activities Little Treasures provide.

Discoverers Room - for ages 2 and Under

Our Baby room is designed around your baby and their changing needs.

The room is a calm yet stimulating and soothing place where your baby can learn and develop at their own pace.

  • Equipment and resources are carefully selected to ensure they meet the needs of your little one.
  • Treasure Baskets filled with materials, fabrics and everyday objects allow your child to explore safely.
  • The room is designed for freedom to move, crawl and shuffle with toys and equipment all on floor level - and for babies on the move, we have a range of equipment to encourage those first steps.
  • A weekly planning board allows the nursery staff to plan a selection of fun and stimulating activities based on observations.
  • A quiet area for babies to sleep and rest safely and securely .
  • Fully qualified staff with a knowledge of baby and toddler needs
  • Explorers Pre-School Room

    Our children's room, designed for children aged 2 - 5 years, is a spacious well-equipped area designed to expand and challenge young enquiring minds with a range of toys, equipment and activities.

    Our room encourages children to socialise and interact with others, whilst allowing children the freedom to explore. Toys and equipment have been selected to meet the needs within the EYFS.

  • Sand and water area - allowing children to be creative
  • Paint, glue and play-dough - freedom to express them selves to design
  • Mark making - developing early writing skills
  • Construction - using their imagination
  • Small world people - learning about communities
  • Home corner - letting their imagination run wild
  • Role play and dressing up - with a variety of multi cultural dress
  • A sensory area - the opportunity to feel, smell objects and materials
  • Story corner - a quiet area to enjoy stories and songs
  • A computer corner - early computer skills for later school life
  • Music area - developing sound, rhythm and dance
  • Maths, number and puzzle area - shape, size pattern and number play
  • Walks and outings - being out and about in our community and getting fresh air
  • The room also benefits from an easily accessible toilet and changing facility.

    We also have access to a large sports hall and a fully working dance studio, which allows children the freedom to move, run and exercise freely in all weathers (especially in the winter) - How many nurseries can say they have one of those!

    All of our meals and snacks are freshly prepared and cooked in our very own on-site kitchen, by the centres' fully qualified and experienced kitchen staff.

    Our kitchen has been awarded a 5* hygiene certificate

  • All of our meals and snacks are catered around the children receiving their 5 portions a day of their recommended fruit and vegetables
  • Our menu is fully adaptable and we cater for all dietary needs and preferences - including cultural and vegetarian options.
  • Fresh water is provided during the day - accessible for the children to help themselves Children taste a variety of foods, with both traditional family favourites and foods from around the world
  • We encourage our staff to eat alongside the children at meal times, setting good eating habits and to make mealtimes a happy social occasion
  • Sensory Room

    We are really excited about our newest facility at nursery- a Sensory Play Room

    Children are free to explore a wide selection of sensory equipment we have:

  • Bubble tube
  • Rope lighting
  • Mobiles
  • Ball pool
  • Sensory baskets
  • Fabrics and materials
  • Mood lighting and disco ball

  • Nursery Garden

    In July 2016 we opened our outdoor garden. A secure outdoor grassed space for children to explore their environment - exploring with a water wall, sand, gardening and growing areas. It also provides a freedom to enjoy slides and other physical play.